chosen hopes

though our circumstances are not chosen
hopes of altering our destinies
lie in elevating ourselves
at every juncture of life

~ inspired by Allama Iqbal’s Khudi ~

7 thoughts on “chosen hopes

  1. Reblogged this on Sol Invictus and commented:
    Please read, consider, contemplate on, and use for the benefit of your life and the life of others as well, this wonderful poem. Visit Sonya’s website, if you haven’t already :).


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you very much for this poem of hope, transformation, and elevation of oneself, in life, and therefore, elevation of all life.

    As you probably already know, Allama Iqbal is, for us, a major Exemplar, a Change Agent, of transformation of building better humans, better societies, better Life.

    Thank you again.

    All good wishes,



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