light is feeble, temporary
it can be obstructed
and eventually dies
curiously, enlightenment is
supposed to lead you to darkness
a place of nothing
discarded desires
shedding emotions
transcending knowledge
it will take you beyond god
what is the search of god for
when you have found your self?

Inspiration: Sadhguru

12 thoughts on “enlightenment

  1. Brilliant! I love the thought that enlightenment leads you to darkness.

    Your last two lines – God resides oneself. You find yourself, you find Him. Of course, whether you get there, there’s no guarantee, but the quest, the journey continues.


  2. Life is feeble. Nothing could be straighter. I always thought that life is created along with all the possible hazards around it and it is always a matter of time and it always comes to an end. Nothingness it seems rules. Good poem and thanks.


    1. Thank you Shakil. I seem to have overlooked replying to all the precious comments on this post. So lovely to see you here. You are doing such an admirable job on your blog. I’m glad to note the English content.

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  3. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this very nice post. I’m sure you know the truth expressed in the last two lines. Some say that when you have found one, you have come upon the other as well. Who knows?

    All good wishes,



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