every flap of the wing

With every flap of the wing birds praise god
With every flap of our tongue we reverse it all

Once this little bird flew right inside the house and walked into my room, checked out all the books on my bookshelf, examined my yoga mat and then settled down at my favorite place…


It never panicked, not once like most birds do in a confined space. After about 15 minutes, and through a lot of giggles from my daughters, I managed to guide it to the back of the house which has a partly open area. Somehow, I led it to the open area and it flew out….and then it turned around, looked at me and flew back into the rear of the house. How surprising! I put out some water and bird seeds and hoped it would fly out when ready. So we had a guest for several hours and into the night, the next morning it flew away :)

I love the sound of birds, not just the chirps and tweets but even the hoots, squawks and screeches. At present I have a bird living on top of my roof, though it only visits at night. Its screeching was scary until when I saw it flying away, a magnificent and huge white bird, possibly a heron or an egret, against the night sky. Now I am not afraid, in fact strangely comforted by its sounds.

This poem was inspired by my encounter with a trapped bird in our staircase. Just to clarify, I wrote the poem as an observer.

A few months ago this kite came to my office, and was actually admiring its own reflection


If I were to tell you about all my encounters with birds, this would be a very long and possibly unbelievable post. But after I figured out what to write about for Dungeon Prompts Introduce us to your alter ego as I drove home, look what I saw on the driveway very near my parking place…


I have always wanted to be able to sing, I have always wanted to be able to fly. I suppose then, there must be a bird trapped inside me.

18 thoughts on “every flap of the wing

      1. Hahaha… umm, yeah, that wouldn’t work for me! Mosquitoes, biting/stinging bugs, and the nuclear-proof ones… not welcome in my immediate aura. (& I’m that person that always gets eaten alive, while my son almost never gets bitten by anything.)


        1. I actually just recovered from a spider bite. It took 6 weeks and it was painful and looked awful. Ironic, I kill all bugs but never spiders. Even after the bite, I still can’t kill spiders.

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  1. It sounds like you had a very interesting encounter with the bird. I’m glad you were able to get it out. in my house my chimney to be specific, a bird got stuck, we had no idea how to get it out. I called the people who are helpful, they have the exact tools to get the bird out. After $322.00 and some cents they rescued the bird.I had to pay that amount. I’m glad the bird was out.I have to get the chimney enclosed so we don’t have this problem any more. This was the third time a bird was stuck in our chimney.


  2. Dear Sonya,

    What a wonderful post this is!

    You clearly have a connection with birds. You resonate with them. They resonate with you. They are your companions. You are their sky.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

    All good wishes,



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