feel the earth

if you could feel the earth rotate
would you be less arrogant
would you be reminded
that you are indeed a recipient
of her hospitality…

…that truly there is nowhere to go
planets are distant cousins
looking after their own
the burning stars are cold
none to welcome you…

…the milky way is far
from good
though good from far…

…even the oceans
hide water from you
so that one day
you may know its value…

…the shade of a tree
spans generations
its seed is in your fist…

…when will you realise
the paradise you seek
is right at your feet
if you will work for it…

you can hide
but you cannot run

12 thoughts on “feel the earth

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this post. You’ve highlighted how the commanding self knows no bounds.

    The last lines are powerful!

    All good wishes,



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