frozen faiths

do you expect frozen faiths
to thaw leaden hearts
when even god’s perfection
evolves, through
each experience, within
every essence

stagnant beliefs
decay minds

17 thoughts on “frozen faiths

  1. I recall a tradition of the Holy Prophet with the words, Ibn al-waqt, interpreted as children of time, which is meant to encourage the faithful to evolve with time since even scripture cannot be interpreted in the same way now as it was centuries ago! And I absolutely love your prescriptions for how to thaw a frozen heart… but, with humility, would like to add “tears of sincere longing”…


  2. Dear Sonya,

    What an amazing poem this is! I agree with Akhiz.

    This elevates the question: What may thaw frozen hearts?

    All good wishes,



    1. Thank you Robert for your question. What may thaw frozen hearts, I suppose are any one or a combination of:
      ~ the warmth of kindness
      ~ the glow of knowledge
      ~ scorch of an experience
      ~ time set on a slow burner
      ~ spark of an unexpected revelation
      As I mentioned to Ranu there are different remedies for different personalities and circumstances and times. Perhaps you could add more?
      Some hearts will always stay frozen and so let them be.


    1. I should think so Ranu.

      I believe nothing should be set in stone, nor should one cure be applicable for all ailments.

      I feel there is more out there for us to explore and we should not close our minds and limit our beliefs.


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