I set out to change the world

I set out to change the world
But instead, the world changed me

And it was only from this change
That I realised what it is
To even want to change the world

Change is her own mistress
You cannot force her
Nor can you prevent her,
When the time is right

Oh! to be an observer of change
Be it abrupt
Within an instant of an instant
Like threading a needle
During the flash of lightning
Or delayed
Over several lifetimes
Eighty four lakhs, to be precise*

All I know about change is that
You have to be prepared for it
With only two instruments

If you fail to be patient
That change may never happen
If you resist to respond
That change will hold you hostage

I set out to change the world
…. for the second time round

** A soul passes through 8.4 million (84 lakhs) births ~ the Vedas

6 thoughts on “I set out to change the world

  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this very nice post!

    Iqbal speaks to co-partnering with God. Your post brings this to mind in terms of being a co-creator of change.

    Some say that there are immeasureable worlds within a human being. Change that inward reality, and the outward reality follows suit.

    This is a great post which provokes looking inward.

    All good wishes,



  2. Change can happen Sonya with the right tools, you’ve already mentioned patience and response, I’d like to add perseverance! It’s a lovely thoughtful poem, Sonya, thanks for sharing.


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