punish or redeem

what good will it be
to punish
or to redeem
when it is hard
to forget

10 thoughts on “punish or redeem

  1. Forgiveness ain’t about fergettin, it is about acceptance and offering the chance of repentance. Accepting that bad things happen in a broken world, accepting that God will make all wrongs right, and offering the offender a chance to realize how they have contributed to the brokenness and leading them to the only source of healing, demonstrating that repentance is truly the only way.


      1. Not only do I think that it is possible to forgive if the other refuses to repent, I believe that it is most necessary to forgive, not to forget, yet to know the depths of His love for us silly sinners.


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this brief, yet powerful, poem. There is a world of possibility and responsibility in “forget.”

    All good wishes,



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