hate never helps

hate never helps you forget
try indifference…

that which doesn’t kill you
only makes you…
wish you were dead

pain doesn’t always make you stronger
sometimes it turns you softer
so long as you stay away from bitter

roses are red
perhaps because they bled…?

tomorrow may never come
because this night seems not to end

when friends are tainted by love
neither love nor friendship survives

never write a letter poem when you are angry ~ Chinese Proverb

13 thoughts on “hate never helps

  1. What a lovely poem! I love it – it’s filled with emotions that are so well-described. Especially found the last line, endearing! Well done, Sonya. God bless. :)


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this poem. You bring to mind that, sometimes, pain seems severe and unending. I like that you mention the rose whose scent comes from it’s total being of bloom, thorn, and stem.

    All good wishes,



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