an interaction about expectations and existence

This is another interaction on I had on Twitter with NatureSpeak Photos and he has kindly given me permission to make a post of it. I thought it was very interesting and wanted to share it here. Hope you enjoy, it starts off with my short poem Fragile Expectations:

though they may be fragile
expectations undeniably
strengthen faith
if you do not believe me…
just observe a child

… And yet expectations in adults hint at arrogance
while in babies speak of innocence

and yet what a bland existence
without any expectations

… it could also be considered free, detached and liberated…

true but then…..
where would the poetry come from?

… isn’t free, detached and liberated itself poetry?
As you have so beautifully shown yourself

whatever you may perceive the poetry to be,
its source is always turbulent.

You are right.
I sense a whole gamut of emotions…
pain, indignation, sadness, the need for acknowledgment…

I have found this is a wonderful way to have a conversation, making each other think. What do you feel?

Please do check out NatureSpeak Photos, it is a wonderful photography blog with plenty of wisdom.

6 thoughts on “an interaction about expectations and existence

  1. Reblogged this on NatureSpeak Photos and commented:
    Sonya, at, has graciously posted this interaction on her site… She is an amazing poet who, using very few words, can make you reach the stars! Do check out her site, you will find simple, timeless Truths expressed beautifully…


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for sharing this interaction. It is interesting how 2 minds, together, connect and travel.

    All good wishes,



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