the power of tranquility

trapped by its calm reflection
the sky in sea appears helpless
a message for all
never underestimate
the power of tranquility

waves roar and crash
though they accept
sovereignty of the moon
detached, a vision of ease

for all the noise of thunder
it has not the ability to strike
nor to illuminate the heavens
without the mute clouds
there would never be lightning

commotion of the rich, powerful
sounds of arrogance and greed
voices of ignorant indoctrination
whereas real change only happens
beneath the indifferent exterior
through a revolution of thoughts

6 thoughts on “the power of tranquility

  1. Sonya, I really, really, really love this poem… I can hear your call through the silence of your words on my screen… I continue to marvel at the wisdom and depth of your words… May you always be blessed with this wisdom of expression… and may your words travel far and wide so that we can all be the better for them!


  2. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this wonderful poem which, for this person, evokes reflection on quiet things.

    All good wishes,



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