North of your Soul

Last night, I dreamt. I was in an open field and there was a spoken word poetry performance, the whole audience was involved with impromptu but co-ordinated dance steps. There was only one poem and I loved its title North of your Soul. In fact I was upset that the title was already used, more so as the poem was completely unrelated to it. When I woke, I was relieved it was only a dream. I now had to come up with a poem to go with the title and I hope my words are worthy of it.

North of your Soul

I am the north of your soul
Your magnetic field
Your very own Qibla*
You will perpetually waver
Till the time you turn toward me

Though I give bearing to the lost
And I am the constant you seek
I am as constrained as you
It was not my doing
Neither can I move my position
Nor you your attention

Let us then face each other
You enhance me
For what is the worth of a star
Without her planets and moons?


* Qibla is the direction one faces while praying

18 thoughts on “North of your Soul

  1. Sonya
    Shared your piece on my Blog….hope that’s OK! Please go to and read If I Started Walking Now…..we share a gift….you are just younger and fresher! Bless you and don’t ever lose it. Keep your eye in the sparrow!
    Thank you for the renewed inspiration!


  2. Dear Sonya,

    What a wonderful poem this is! It has the fragrance of some of the old sufi teaching poems.

    All good wishes,



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