the perfect mirage

they warned me
of succulent dates
sparkling water which
would entice me away
from my drab reality
into the perfect mirage

and they tell me to stop dreaming
to renounce the life of illusion
does the magician not stupefy you?
does the night not hold capabilities?
you can only learn to fly
if your feet leave the ground

for as long as the mirage remains in view
dream, dream and dream more
how unfortunate are those
whose vision is blinkered by reality

13 thoughts on “the perfect mirage

  1. Dear Sonya!
    the night holds capabilities and So do you…
    and just like you can see Stars only in darkness.
    this poem comes at the perfect timing….you encourage me to chase my mirage… :)
    thank you!


  2. “Does the night not hold capabilities” – what a beautiful thought… Reminds me of a powerful man in history who declared that night should be day and day should be night. “Real” people thought him eccentric ;-) I love this poem deeply because it legitimises where I live… Thank you!


      1. The man I referred to was the Fatimid caliph Al-Hakim. His view was that it was during the night that true and profitable “business” could be done. If you need any further references, there is an ezcellent book about him available at the website of The Institute of Ismaili Studies. My apologies if I inadvertently made anyone feel inadequate in any way.


  3. Right! In complete agreement with your thoughts. ‘They’ know little about the reality of reality to insist on staying real. The mirage is just as real and dreams our version of truth.

    Your words capture it very well. I love it!


  4. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this poem. “Reality” is a funny word, a funny concept, something which we take for what is “real.” Why wouldn’t we, as it is “real”ity.

    We then too often allow this to shut down, and shut off, possibility. Thank you, again, for this poem which has brought me to reflect on this again.

    All good wishes,



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