An interaction about thoughts and lies

The other evening, I had a lovely poetic interaction on Twitter with Vlad. It was worth saving so here goes, beginning with my poem Seeds of Wisdom.

seeds of wisdom
were planted by elders
but we divided the land
each clan neglected
to water the seeds
now we mourn
weeds of disunity

Your mind is a garden
Your thoughts are the seeds
You can grow flowers
Or You can grow weeds

though, if weeds did not exist
the gardener would be idle
and the beauty of flowers
would not be so prominent

Happiness in not just you
It’s also your thought
It exists in seeking
As well as in who is sought
Happiness is water ripple
Tickled by breeze

exhilaration is when the wave rises to touch the moon
when clouds are thunderstruck and light up the sky

Pity on this place
Where bricks keep falling on bricks
Where lies breed reality
And truth hides behind tricks

and all the world lies
from preachers
to teachers
but only the poet
tells lies honestly

Thank you Vlad for lending me your superb words and more so for this wonderful poetic interaction.

7 thoughts on “An interaction about thoughts and lies

    1. It reminded me of the days long gone where people would express their opinions but poetically. On the same day, we also had a little interaction if you remember. I would love your permission to make a post about our conversation..

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  1. Dear Sonya,

    Thank you for this. Thank you too Vlad.

    This is a wonderful exchange and interplay of meanings. I must now go and weed my garden.

    All good wishes,



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