fragile expectations

though they may be fragile
expectations undeniably
strengthen faith
if you do not believe me…
just observe a child

8 thoughts on “fragile expectations

  1. Thank you Sonya. I honestly never thought of expectations in this way… most times, I feel the cynic in me takeover and caution about broken expectations aplenty… Any secrets about bringing back the child to life?


    1. Haha I’m no expert. If I was, I would bottle up my secret and sell it for huge sums of money :)

      Having said that, the one thing I have observed which can closely come to being the “secret” is enthusiasm.

      Another quality which is so important, and I heard this in a knowledge session, is wonder. Look at everything you see without taking it for granted, look at everything with wonder and awe.

      Yeah, that’s all it would take, from my very simplistic point of view :)


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