moments of infinity

… and when will you realise
that infinity is
made up of moments


(This was an unintentional photo. I was actually trying to photograph something else, but this distorted version helped me think, whereas the “perfect” photo would have been just a picture)

Edit: I was passing by when the bright lights of a temple attracted me and I decided to take some photos. They were preparing for the following day’s celebration for the birthday of Lord Krishna and it all looked too beautiful. This was what I was trying to photograph


It made me think of one of my micropoems…

Works of beauty you may find
Were once incoherent imageries of the mind

Here are some more pictures I took

a garland fit for the gods
a garland fit for the gods

blurred divinity
divinity is but a blur

20 thoughts on “moments of infinity

  1. When a moment is all that truly exists, what else can infinity truly be?

    Even though an amateur, I try to take photography seriously, but you would be amazed at how many times the inadvertent photo becomes the one treasured (and posted) and not the one rehearsed and checked a thousand times… Something about the logical song and the freedom of a child resonates with this truth, don’t you think?

    I really love the curiosity and adventure in your mind… :-)


  2. I like the photo and your words to accompany. They are well matched. But I’m curious as to what you were trying to photograph. I’m no photographer so it would be lovely to have such happy accidents that set the mind to thinking.


    1. Hi. I am so pleased at your curiosity. I decided to edit my post and show you the original photograph plus some more and captions :-)

      I am no photographer myself. But everyone sees things in a different perspective and that is what interests me more than the quality of a photograph.

      Thank you so much for leaving your wonderful feedback.


      1. Thank you for sharing more. I must say I much prefer your ‘accidental’ shot as it does fit so perfectly with the concept of infinity. It seemed to me like brain action or other electrical impulses from a source unknown. The original would not have had that effect nor, I think, have produced your magical words. A very happy accident indeed. I like the last one too and the caption. It also speaks of unknown quality. I think you may have inspired me to try more photography regardless of my ability. If anything, I would be happier now to capture elusive images that spoke to me more than the apparent clarity of a ‘perfect’ shot.
        I now feel compelled to follow you and discover what other treasures you capture. Very well done. :)


        1. Oh wow I am so so happy that I could inspire you in this way. Perhaps you will put them up on your blog and I shall eagerly wait to see you perspectives. A warm welcome to my blog. It has been until recently image-free, with the exception of one post, Intricacies of Henna which was inspired by a photo taken by my daughter

          It is only of late that I have attempted to create poetry from images.


      1. Excellent! Love the pics you have added. You know, I always believe that the journey is most significant – the pics depict the journey to the perfect moment. :)

        Look forward to more posts.


  3. Dear Sonya,

    I like this a lot. Thank you for it. Sometimes some of the most valuable things come about unintentionally :).

    All good wishes,



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