so little, so many

The other night, I wasn’t in the mood to tackle a Twitter poetry prompt but still wanted to write…maybe to provide my own inspiration. So using my twitter handle @sonyakassam, I threw around a couple of tweets thinking they may eventually give me an idea for a poem, basically I was talking to myself. To my surprise and delight @aleyakassam replied prompting me to keep tweeting. And to our further delight, we were soon joined by @just_sham_it and the 3 of us kept tweeting in turns at such a fast pace. The spontaneity of it all was the best part, and magically it has formed into a unique form of poetry that I am proud to post here. We enjoyed speaking our minds, insinuating through this creative interaction and hope you have as much fun reading it.

Colors are not (only) to brighten up the poem, they refer to the person who tweeted the couplet, I’m sure you would have figured that out ;-)

so little to say
so many ways to say it

so little to say
so many people saying it

so much to say
so few people saying it

so little to hide
so many stealing it

so much to protect
so few up to it

so much freedom
so few liberated

so many lines
so few colouring

so much pain
so few praying

so much pain
so many just praying

so many minds
such few thoughts

so much insanity
so little humanity

so many deaths
so few mourning

so many alive 
so few living

so many tweets
such little wit

so much to have
such little it means

so many heavens
just one earth

so many chicken wings
so few burgers

so many cooks
such little broth

so much music
so few dancing

so many destinations
such few walking

so many laughs
such little joy

so many mothers
such few fathers

so much civilization
so few civil

so many talking
such few being

so many answers
such few questions

so many magazines
such few trees

so much history
such few memories

so many borders
such little land

so many gods
such few blessings

so many houris
for just one jihadi

so many nights
such little sleep

so many dreams
just one night

so many candles
such few moths

so much light
such little illumination

so many mice
too little cheese
unless we bring down the moon
with the weight of our dreams!

 May your dreams tonight
be but a shadow
of what your hopes are
for tomorrow

Aleya and Shamit are brilliant and passionate writers, have a look at their blogs and you’ll know what I mean

What else is there left to say except that it takes …

… so little time to leave
so many comments

Do let us have your thoughts about the verses, and feel free to add some of your own. 

P.S. this post inspired my poem many borders

23 thoughts on “so little, so many

  1. It’s beautiful indeed. Creativity is limitless and collaborative creativity becomes even better than we expect!

    Thanks for sharing it, Sonya.

    Love and light <3

    Anand :)


  2. Three musical instruments teasing each other…

    such delightful music; with
    so few notes

    I hope I am not exhausting you with my wonder filled comments… I feel like a child in a playhouse filled with toys :-)


    1. Hi Sreejit, thank you for your feedback. Yes. I found the 2nd prayer couplet
      “so much pain
      so many just praying”
      was unexpected. Shamit seems to be good at putting a twist in our thoughts.

      Happy to hear you liked this post.


  3. Dear Sonya, Aleya, and Shamit,

    How very great is this creation! I like how thoughts/words are woven together to paint nuanced themes, conveying much meaning in a few words.

    Thank you for this.

    All good wishes,



    1. Thanks from us all, Robert. “Woven” is so appropriate. In fact Aleya described it as “A quilt was woven in a series of tweets” in the post on her blog.

      And you did it too…
      such few words
      so much meaning conveyed



  4. So much intelligence
    So little wisdom
    So much fear
    So little love
    So much pain
    So few healers
    So much seriousness
    So little laughter
    So much watching others
    So little watching self


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