hues of red

hues of red
in a common thread
vermillion through blood
to rose petals scattered
over the white shroud
but she stands proud
a sacrifice so bold
she would repeat double-fold

~ may the offerings of the oppressed be accepted ~

11 thoughts on “hues of red

  1. Wow! What an awesome variety of ideas. You are blessed with the ability to use such few words to portray so many images… May His inspiration always surround you…

    And, by the way, red has always been my favourite amongst the colours, so this poem I will try to commit to memory :-)


    1. Thanks Preeti…I may have captured the essence of red with words, but I am sure you would capture it more powerfully through your unique eye :-)

      Lovely to have your thoughts.


  2. Dear Sonya,
    Yes, may the offerings of the oppressed be accepted.
    Thank you very much for this lovely poem.
    All good wishes,


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