the helper

in the hidden of the hiddens
there you will find him
in his full reality
denied by all
but a few
yet he helps all
if only they would ask

~ Ali, the helper of all ~

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8 thoughts on “the helper

  1. On a sad day for me like today, when injustices prevailed, this reminder really strikes home! I really need to think about this because I seem to have forgotten how to ask for anything… and yet he is mushkil khusha! I trust and believe that he knows everything that’s inside me also, so what happens is probably for the best… and this makes it difficult for me to ask… anyway, many, many thanks for this beautiful reminder… :-)


  2. Dear Sonya,

    How very the hidden of the hiddens.

    Thank you very much for this about Ali. This poem is nourishing and inspiring.

    All good wishes,



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