nothing so divine

there is nothing so divine
as the command so exalted
out of no likeness
He created likeness
and it is
Kun Fayakun

where you and I
born of the one command
armed with reason
and freedom to disperse
into a multitude of tribes
and speak in a diversity of tongues
but that we should recognize one another
using the criterion to judge right from wrong

for you should be aware that the final authority
lies not in your elders who you may respect out of love
nor in your mullah whom you may be guided by, though blindly
no, even He cannot overrule the judgment proclaimed by your own deeds

7 thoughts on “nothing so divine

  1. There is an eternal truth that I have always had difficulty putting into words. Whenever my action results in a negative outcome for someone else, I have always felt pain as if the negative outcome happened to me… Your poem so clearly rationalizes this link for me! God bless… And by the way I try very hard, very, very hard indeed, to avoid negative outcomes from my deeds :-)


  2. Greetings,

    Thank you for this poem which is like a wake-up call. May we all come to discover the preciousness of all of humanity.

    All good wishes,



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