Another Man’s Grave

Standing in another man’s grave
Praying to another man’s God
Peace for another lifetime
And another sun sets forever

9 thoughts on “Another Man’s Grave

  1. I would love to hear your own thoughts on the meaning hidden within this poem… For me, it is being out of your comfort zone, seeing things in a different way, being pluralistic… Empathetic and unassuming… Universal…


  2. Lyrical, profound! To pray to another man’s god… the formula for world peace. And as always, you say it in a handful of well-chosen pearls!
    Stay well!


  3. Greetings,
    I like this. Thank you for sharing creating and sharing it. You’ve brought me to contemplate death, and that’s good.
    All good wishes,


    1. Thank you Ranu. I seem to have this thing against having only one sun that we revolve around and make it appear so majestic. So sometimes, I do try to bring the sun “down to earth” so to speak lol. Here I have imagined what if there were many suns.


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