A Necessary War

It was a necessary war . . .

Stifled by silence, denied by justice
Where oppressors reign, unexpressed pain
Perhaps to battle is our nature
As lava sometimes needs to rupture
Released from a mountain’s tyranny
Seeking its own harmony

From valley to horizon, their land becomes a prison
Suffocated speech, freedom out of reach
Blood boiling to frustration
It surely was not without reason
Perhaps peace will only prosper
After an unavoidable uproar
A necessary war

11 thoughts on “A Necessary War

  1. Like you, I felt uncomfortable with this topic… until I reread “… perhaps to battle is our nature” which reminded me of the true jihad against our nafs… which, interestingly, also lends itself as an interpretation of this beautifully worded poem… brilliantly expressed… well done!


  2. war is necessary only to greed men for nothing deserves the energy of a conflict when mutual respect exist, yet the world is filled with greedy men from the highest of the social and economic ranks to lowest… hence war is unavoidable. nice thoughts poet.


    1. Hello Charles,

      This was a difficult poem to write as I always find myself advocating peace, and I had to step out of my comfort zone. However, you have so rightly pointed out..sadly war is unavoidable. Great to see you here, thank you for your wonderful comments.


  3. Greetings,

    This is an important poem. Thank you for sharing it.

    I listed quite a lot to hip hop here in America. This poem brought these lyrics, from one song, to mind:

    “I don’t really feel its right to conceal your pain,
    it bubbles up inside,
    and people start killing things.”

    I sense that, with some things in the world, an apogee of growth occurs. A current moves and moves and moves one direction until it can’t move any further. Then something happens. On the other side of that something is something new.

    All good wishes,



    1. I remembered you mention that you listen to hip hop. I just discovered the latest version of Mast Qalandar (probably the most re-mixed song) and immediately thought of you…it’s different :-) Would love to know what you think of it


      1. Sonya,
        Thank you very much for sharing this with me. The hip hop fan in me likes it a lot :-), like I like Jay Z or Macklemore (saw Macklemore in concert in Atlanta not too long ago). This song you’ve shared has a great beat.
        One of my favorite versions of Mast Qalandar remains, though, one performed by the Sabri Brothers. Different music for different aims.
        I like a lot of fusion music. One reason I like it is because it blends ancient tradition with modern sound. It reaches younger people who may be turned off by mainstream religion, perhaps providing them a bridge into a new consciousness.
        All good wishes,


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