Empty Words

Those empty words
seem harmless
veiled promises
from the mimbar*
of heaven and her houris
a purpose for the purposeless

*mimbar = pulpit

6 thoughts on “Empty Words

  1. Greetings,
    Thank you for this powerful poem. Catering to desire and aversion, those pulpit-promises are often far from harmless.
    All good wishes,


  2. Wow Sonya how do you come up with such poetry, can I borrow your brain for a moment?,Mine seems to be taking rest and I cannot afford it.Wonderful poem ,’empty words seem harmless’. My question, is it always harmless? The word ‘seem’ answers my question.It’s a clever way of writing it.
    I enjoyed reading it. You know I feel like making up a story with your poem. What do you think?
    Best wishes to you.


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