Perfect Partners

In crime he was my partner
Of desire for luxuries
We traveled far and near
Scamming the unsuspecting
Till I got caught
…….. Betrayal!

Four years later
Credit to good behavior
I searched for those
Who owed me one
Predictably they obliged
Indiscreet he had been
Leaving trails to be seen
At a distance, there he was
…….. Exposed!

Complacent, distracted
Forgot whom he mentored
Recalling every lesson
Covering every angle
Blended into the veil
Underneath every radar
Like I never existed
Persisted, though prepared
Held back till the hour was right
At its best when served cold
…….. Revenge!

~there comes a time
when the student
becomes a master
of the game~

(For the one who will be Master of the Game)

12 thoughts on “Perfect Partners

  1. It’s a great read, this ‘different’, story narration. Love the way you end it.

    Great work. Hope you write more soul-stirring, uplifting, experimental, and all other kinds of poetry this year. :)

    Take care!


  2. You are such a wonderful writer, poet. The thought alive within your poem would make such an outstanding book. You have that touch and its because of all your life has been through. It surely helped to make you blossom. Hugs and blessings!


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