Mischief of the Moon

when the mischievous moon
taunted from the shadow’s edge
the sun was reminded
that it was merely another star

10 thoughts on “Mischief of the Moon

  1. What if is he was calling?
    and in your distorted perceptions
    and fixed opinions
    that you have taken
    as Reality
    are false?
    And you were wrong?
    Would that be too much to digest?
    But lets not go there shall we
    “Who needs God when we’ve got your opinions”
    Look where we started
    a completely bowed heart,
    Surrendered in love
    a smile
    what has become of it?
    you know, even the treatise of hudaybiya
    they kept the kaba intact
    refused his name (pbuh) and sent them on their way
    the humiliation was enough!
    But you, dear one,
    Have completely demolished this space
    and set it ablaze
    You said peace
    I opened to you my heart
    What did I know,
    Like a Hind, you would rip it right apart
    for what?
    Two drops of blood;
    more ink for some poems?
    In true jahili tribe style
    While you spend the night
    in your platonic caves
    feeding your shadows
    Under moonlit poetic raves
    As dawn approached
    And the Divine descended
    Seeking a heart beat,
    Upon which the rhythm of the stars
    I heard
    Ever so faintly,
    The angels

    Wish you all the best


    1. I had no intention of causing any bad feelings with my poetry.

      However, you used the term “Hind” in a derogatory fashion, may I ask is it I who has a fixed opinion? Am I the one behaving in true jahili tribal style? If my image disturbs you, perhaps you need to look within yourself. In case you are interested this phrase is from my poem Stained Reflections.

      If I welcomed you to my blog with Peace, then should you choose to leave, I also bid you farewell in Peace.


  2. Greetings,

    This is really nice. Thank you for it.

    May we not flee from our selves, and thus lose sight of the moon.

    All good wishes,



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