I am entitled to…

I am entitled to…
…express my rage
disappointment and disgust

I am entitled to…
…protest at what you steal
right before my eyes

I am entitled to…
…peace and justice
and hope for my children
(not just yours)

I am entitled to…
…plan for tomorrow
without obstruction of today

After all…
I contribute towards
Your bulging bank balances
As I helplessly watch
My own deplete

I stood in line
For hope-filled hours
I fulfilled my duty
How about you?
When do you intend
To start on yours?

I am entitled to…
…answers and the truth
promises made so loud
they ring in my ears
or is that you laughing?

I am entitled to…
that someone
will lead us to change
and that the last laugh
will be on you


A leader is not elected
He is born

In response to Dungeon Prompts Week 10 – Entitlement Ideology

19 thoughts on “I am entitled to…

  1. I enjoyed your poem and found that it speaks to some of what I am feeling. It makes me angry when those that make the deal decide to redefine the word entitlement to mean that you are a lazy good for nothing wanting to live off the backs of hard working folks when it comes time for them to pay up on their end. It is cruel con job.


  2. Very direct and powerful. I pray the situation receives the healing it needs, Life is short, things can be worked out especially if you both have good will for each other.


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