If I Submit and Others …

if i submit
what can you do?
if you stop me
i will only submit
if i am needed
i will submit
when you tire of me
i shall also submit to that

the shadow hunter returns home empty handed ~
what could he hope to catch ~
when the shadows hid deep in his heart

Amazement is♦Born in death of apathy♦Wonder in all you see♦Enthusiasm in all you do

they made a pact to die
for love would resurrect them
from the depths of the soil

or so they believed

All your life wasted under a delusion
In death reality hit hard
Rebirth erases only memory
Your deeds remain imprinted

children of the sun~
fragments of stars on earth~
destined for greatness~
blessed but betrayed~
out-shined by their own shadows

4 thoughts on “If I Submit and Others …

  1. Greetings,

    I very much like this.

    Your words convey so much, so many layers. They bring to life what hits hard.

    All good wishes,



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