Intricacies of Henna

Her vows will be recited before all
As she steps into her new role
Will it now begin, or is this the end
Will he be her master or her friend
Rule the house as queen
Or never be heard only seen
This merriment is it an illusion
Or will they blend with perfect fusion
Laughing today, will they abandon her later
Or keep their promise to support her forever
Sounds fade into the background
And time stands still
Traditions so proud
Display this exquisite skill
A smile hides uncertainties she faces
Examines the deep brown traces
Re-designing her lines of fate
With the intricacies of henna ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ is it too late?


This is the first image I have published in my posts. The photo is courtesy of my beautiful and brilliant daughter, Alya and it provided inspiration for the poem. Some of her own poetry is found under the tag KimberLite

8 thoughts on “Intricacies of Henna

  1. Such thoughtful reflections that most women (and men?) must ponder before taking this significant step. All the preparation in the world – including the beautiful mehndi patterns – cannot answer until we embark on the journey full of hope and promise. I suppose the only thing certain is that there will be change. Hopefully, for the good ultimately.


  2. It takes me back many years to a time when these uncertainties were mine… then, I did not particularly enjoy the ceremony!
    You say it beautifully, and certainly, your little one’s picture embellishes it aptly. A great post!


    1. Absolutely what I was trying to put across, the anxieties that are not outwardly apparent. The bigger the ceremonies…the greater the feeling is the way I see it.
      Graciously accept your compliments :-)


  3. Greetings,

    This is a beautiful photo and beautiful reflective words to accompany it.

    For what it’s worth, from this person’s point of view, my wish is that these intricacies are the beginning of a new union based upon respect and friendship of the deepest kind.

    All good wishes,



  4. Will he be her master or her friend? Friend sounds appropriate,but the intricacies of Henna might have everything to do with her fate.
    Lovely poem,it tells a lot in a very subtle way,I think.


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