Dead Lifeline on my Palm and Others …

Kiss the dead lifeline on my palm~awaken the ardor~write one last song~
sing my ultimate story~deride destiny~we can only die once

Children of the sun~
Born to no religion~
Brainwashed over the years~
They became bigoted believers~

when looking backward matters not
thinking forward even less
unaware of the now
then …
you probably had one too many

the arrow pierced through the looking glass
a distorted reflection of her personality
she drifts lost in wonderland

If ever after is not enough
I will hold time from reaching its final day
when memories disintegrate
and death holds her breath

The island of enlightenment ~ Floats on a sea of submission

I pray for patience
But you do not give me
If I could wait for it
Do you think I would need it in the first place?
... god loves the cheeky ;-)

4 thoughts on “Dead Lifeline on my Palm and Others …

  1. Greetings,

    These are all lovely. Really…

    I like this poetry a lot. I’ve said it before…each is like a stand-alone meditation.

    Thank you for sharing them here.

    All good wishes,



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