A Love Beyond ….

Two souls drifting
In an unearthly abode
Of nothingness
Untouched by light or darkness
Neither sound nor silence
Devotion lovingly crafted by the Divine

Soon enough she feels a gentle pull
Of the tether around her ankle
A reluctant reminder of reality

They bid a heavy farewell
Eyes averted
Fingertips barely touching

She glides downwards
Falls into a slump of despair
Rage, guilt

Raindrops caress her shoulders
As she faces upwards
They wet her lips
A familiar salty taste
Tears from heaven

It was
Ever will be
A Love Beyond …
This life

(One of my earliest poems I dedicate to the one who knew I would write, despite my protests)

8 thoughts on “A Love Beyond ….

  1. The poem very gently touches to the senses which are beyond physical realm, I liked the way the poem transcends from heavenly abode to the earth but still the focus is on a love that is beyond this earthly habitat.


    1. Thank you Akhtar Sahib. This poem comes from a place just above the earth and slightly below the heavens, a place of magic and purity, where no one judges nor is judged…for in earth and even in heaven, you are fitted into moulds. In this place, everything moves with fluid grace.

      I appreciate your comments. I am glad you picked up on the “gentleness” of the poem.


  2. Greetings,

    This is really beautiful. Very much so. I’m reading it over and over.

    Thank you for it.

    All good wishes,



    1. Dear Robert,

      What caused me to liberate it? I’m not entirely sure.

      This was the 3rd poem I ever wrote, but the first one that came to me effortlessly and formed so beautifully in my mind. This was when I had accepted that I will not be able to write any more poems…6 months after I wrote my 2nd poem. So, it is very special and very dear to me. I held onto it as much as I could, but as you have to let go of your children into the real world at some point, so I had to release this poem too. Something told me that it was time.


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