The Bird and the Lady

Through the open door
In flew a little bird
Deftly scooped up the seeds
It felt a slight breeze
As the door closed

It spotted
The pale blueness of the sky
The welcoming softness of the clouds
The soothing green of the trees

But, all was out of reach
As a clear barrier
Stubbornly defied its beak
The little bird persisted
Each knock
Causing immense pain
Widened the gap

As the seeds felt burdensome
As its beak was bruised, beaten, bent
The air finally flowed in
Squeezing itself through
Our little bird cherished the coolness
And flew away
… Barely

Desperately flapping its clipped wing
It felt a dreaded descent
The bird closed its eyes
Not yet letting go of the precious food
… Incomplete freedom

The little bird felt light
Opening its eyes
The ground appeared at a distance
The comfort of rescuing hands
The Light surrounding the Lady


As the babies chirped excitedly
Delighted with the seeds
The bird and the Lady
Smiled knowingly

“I, too, am a mother
My heart bled as my children fought

With a tear in its eye
The bird humbly requested
“O my Beloved Lady
What can I do in return?”

“You have done enough”
Her finger caught the teardrop
“Your first tear
In their remembrance
Will make you soar impossible heights”

The bird and its babies watched
As the Lady left
With a sad smile

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