If I Die and Others …

If I die on your side of the border~
return my body for cremation~
bury my soul next to your ancestors~
I am a child of two lands

they say love is blind
but in my eyes
lovers are blessed
they see a different world
where the sun also rises
in the west

~what foment will you now apply when it is my soul you did torment~

Words from the revelation
Water the desolate garden
Seeds of faith
Buds of hope
A melody filled with grace
Awakens the gardener

the dream wakes you from reality~free thoughts running towards infinity

do not consider me gone
with the wind I shall return
as the monsoon changes
look out for my dhow
the pirates….

You glorify Him in temporary tabernacles
Yet you cannot see Him
in the smile of child
or the weary face of a traveler

the current moved to her detriment ~ swimming against the tide is never an easy ride

He was a lost soul
wandering on the path of life
Do men ever ask for directions?

7 thoughts on “If I Die and Others …

  1. Greetings,

    Thank you for this.

    These creations always move my breath in some way.

    This is so nice. Seeing the Divine in the weary face of a traveler…beautiful.

    All good wishes,



    1. Thank you Robert.

      Interesting you picked up on the Divine in the traveler..I had vaguely remembered how the desert tribes would offer a traveler water before asking his name…just in case they find out from his name that he belongs to a rival tribe. They didn’t want to be obliged to deny him water and rest. That is what led me to write about “the weary face of a traveler”


      1. Hi,

        Thank you for sharing this. I very much admire the depths, through words, that your talents make evident.

        All good wishes,



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