The Lesser Gods

Those who rebelled against the Light
Scattered themselves around the earth
Man began to worship these dissidents

Brother fighting brother
In the names of the lesser gods
The Light in man’s heart fades

Anger laces his words
Once sweetened with humanity
The gods sit back and watch
They are home

Playing man like a puppet
Enslaving his thoughts
Through strings of submission
The Light eclipsed by the shadow of the gods

Do you see the lesser gods in your life?
Your purposeless possessions
Immature desires
Faithless preachers
Fickle friends
Bloated bellied leaders
For whom you bleat
Like arrogant sheep

Open your eyes
The Light will not blind you
Its heat does not burn
Take it as a guide
Let it keep you warm

Break away from the euphoria
On your own
The rest will follow soon enough
That is the law of nature
Everything is recalled to the Light
… even the lesser gods

6 thoughts on “The Lesser Gods

  1. This is impressive as always and as always has food for thought and as always full of images. God created man and light, heart became the main dwelling place for light. Man in his own right became the creator of things, so he created desires. Desire was opaque so they whisked the light away from heart and the absence of light made the heart an idol house. To purge heart and these idols of desire the lesser gods a reconnection with light source is needed.


  2. Greetings,

    Thank you very much for this.

    The picture you’ve painted is inspiring, as it brings into sight the door to freedom from enslavement.

    Thank you again.

    All good wishes,



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