Evidence of the Unknown and Others …

Evidence of the unknown
Is greater than that of the known
If only you would stop your search
In the temple mosque or church

When my mirror becomes languid and reflects nothing, I polish the mirror of my mind and make up my own image

the little boy and girl~admire the candy-coated round house~
as she cackles to herself~lights up the stove

When thunder is heard
Before lightning appears
The wind has overruled nature

Some relationships have no name ….

Men of religion often deny that God also exists within the scrupulous system of science

All his life they condemned him
He was the unknown, misunderstood
Then she befriended, recognized him
His will to fight was renewed

If the water is still enough, the moon is reflected even off the cesspool

The scent of treachery overpowers all other senses – a woman always knows

..and the day came
when a hunger so wild
touched the nation
…they arose
from their slumber
united in revolution
or they just ate each other
(thanks to @just_sham_it for providing the last line – a twist to my poem)

whispered stories distort with each link
yet culture survived without a drop of ink

sweet raindrops in the ocean~
eventually blend into the salt of enthusiasm~
an inconsequential drop~
creates the mighty wave

8 thoughts on “Evidence of the Unknown and Others …

  1. Greetings,

    Thank you very much for this.

    I love your words pointing to the locus of gnosis, as well as what distracts and captures. Your words, here and elsewhere, give to the poor and renew them.

    All good wishes,



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