Even the White Fades Away and Others…

Even the white fades away
From your white lies
Black truths
Are all that remain

Works of beauty you may find ~ were once incoherent imageries of the mind 

Walking barefoot in the forest
Dry leaves murmur in protest
Comforted by
Soft chinking of the anklets

~Those of querulous minds have neither the vision to change, nor the patience to accept~

they shared an affinity~for corruptibility
acting with impunity~Fathers of the city

…and when you got the last call
to re-write your story
why were you afraid?
could have gone down in a blaze of glory

How you siege light
shatter darkness
Have you never before
experienced the stealth of a sunrise?

watching the green darkness~through a distorted lens~
heart dreary and heavy~i am alone with my envy 

As the spindrift sprays with the sun rays~I remember the taste of your tears~
once upon a time… 

When the love fades
After forever ends
Will we then spend
Timeless moments as friends?

On this scorching day I oeillade
The frosted glass of lemonade
I flick my tongue so parched
Turns out, it was just a mirage

~and He responded to their defiant arrogance, the tremor of separation, but in their different worlds, they persist~

the penguins retire
around the arctic fire
that warmed the midnight sun
watching the snow slowly burn

7 thoughts on “Even the White Fades Away and Others…

  1. Greetings,

    So beautiful are the words you craft together here.

    Thank you for this.

    All good wishes,



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