A Paradox I Am and Others …

A paradox I am, I belong nowhere, yet everywhere recognizes me

She asks for her veil, for only to be able to mourn freely ….

a touch of crimson~buttery cinnamon bun
hot frothed creamy~mug of latte coffee
snacking on a sunday~while time melts away 

Before I met you I held my head high in dignity
Now I crawl towards you, humiliated by your pity 
Were you compelled to love me? 
Is that why you deliberately hurt me? 
As the incense stick burns in your memory 
I am still alive and finally free

it was the wrong place, wrong time~
see how the stars align~
the fakir has spoken~
the laws cannot be broken~
offer now your gold token

I may look like a leaf floating on the stream, but look closer I have direction
The waters keep me company and guide me
By the innocence of my smile, I will get there
Notice the thunder of the waterfall while I pass beneath your gaze
Walk through my rainbow, and wish me well
Ever elusive, I will remain yours eternally

~When stillness caused a stir through the audible silence of anguish~

As the leaf turns green with envy~
admiring the frosted beauty of the bloom~
the white rose smiles sadly~
knows she will be plucked soon

will you annihilate the salt from my tears~so that i shed only sweet drops in your name?

the force of wind~
overpowers the law of gravity~
and so the kite glides~
to the little boy’s delight

 I live with~a multitude of people~variety of languages~concoction of cultures~jumbled geography~the same earth~as you

the burden of the taker
heavy bags of soul
he releases them in the air
some reborn
others are liberated

When I speak to Him~they call it prayer~preach dos and don’ts~they tell me to walk the right path~why does it feel like neverwhere? 

So the man who smiled
when everyone else lost their heads
was a man who didn’t understand the situation
… or …
perhaps he did 


It has been one year since I started writing actively and regularly…
…in gratitude…

8 thoughts on “A Paradox I Am and Others …

    1. This is such a wonderful comment…lovely to meet you Maria and Karibu (warm welcome) to Follow Your Shadow. Your blog looks very interesting and I am going to enjoy reading it :)


  1. Greetings,

    In gratitude, I say…I am so very glad that I was led to a crossroads at which your writings were given to me. Thank you so much for this piece.

    There is so much beauty here. I want to take all the lines, and run away with them.

    I will be re-reading this again tonight, printing it out tomorrow, and carrying it with me.

    All good wishes,



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