Beyond The Ballot Box

Beyond The Ballot Box

Heed the turn of tide, pursuing our people’s pride
Frustration of a nation, now seeking salvation
No compromise! we paid a painful price
Communities collide; factions of faith, tattered by tribe
Archaic affiliations, pawns of politicians
Inequities ignite; restore our rights!
Enough heard! your sugarcoated words
We have watched you turn, when through us you won

Perhaps we will unite for the final fight
In arms with one vision, fulfill our mission
Together for tomorrow; hopes of our heroes
The land is returned, where once it burned

But wait!

Will it all end, soon as we mend?
In the euphoria forget, swift to separate?
Was it just for that one day, our efforts soon cast away?
History has shown, futility of fleeting jubilation
The vultures only hover to see, swoop upon the carcass of unity

Oneness is not a moment
Oneness is an attitude, an upbringing, a habit
A life-long lesson, a legacy
Practiced well before
To be perfected well beyond
The ballot box


As we select
Consider where we are headed
Not from where we have come

11 thoughts on “Beyond The Ballot Box

  1. You’ve eloquently brought alive the divide between politicians on the one hand and ordinary people on the other. Common folk share a dream, the leaders seek to divide.


  2. Greetings,
    Beautiful. Thank you for this.
    You led me to think on people living oneness as legacy. I like the art that is connected with Peter Sis’s rendition of the “Conference of the Birds,” at:

    Your poem here speaks to this (for me).
    All good wishes,


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