Dreams of Her Nightmare

Dreams of Her Nightmare

Finally they felt at ease
Togetherness, a belonging
After the surge of euphoria
Came an ugly descent
The dark bottomless pit
Escape from which
Only brought them closer
Their unique journey had resumed

Yes, there it was
A simple satisfaction
Friendship flowing freely
To mutual benefit

Savoring the smooth sailing
Without a word of warning
He skillfully captains them
Towards a misdirection
She refuses in rage!
To re-live that past
Her storm has rocked the boat
The crack has formed

The angry sea
Throws them to opposite ends
Of the beautiful boat they built
Bellies churning
Holding down their insides
Soaked to the bone
Lightning threatens to split them forever

Reaching out
Unsure whether to hold onto him
Her outstretched arm froze in time
Dead to the storm
Lifeless soul

He brought her close
Saw the change
From when they met
Four seasons ago
The twinkle in her eye
Replaced by a glazed expression
The laughter in her words
Choked by tremors of uncertainty
An awakening of her spirit
Yet incomplete, incomplete

He steers with all his might
Unforgiving nature, relentless
Punishing their ungratefulness
Both were guilty
Of smothering a precious gift

“I will see you through”
She looked at his eyes
Now the eyes of a stranger
Colder than sleet
A distance in their boat
A chasm of loneliness

Knowing they will never make it
Her safety will only bring him down
She swallowed hard
Dry eyed beneath wet eyelashes
Dreams of her nightmare
Without a glance back
Climbed on the edge
The dark waters welcomed her
Into a strangled silence
As he calls her name
In vain…


From under the stars
Her smile twinkles once again
Remembering only
Their royal conversations
As he lay on the grass
Felt her warm breath
Heard her soft song
Knowing she was at peace
He smiled…
… just the once

4 thoughts on “Dreams of Her Nightmare

  1. Greetings,
    Thank you for this.
    Poems can be multi-layered. This one, for me, speaks to many. One person, groups of persons, whole nations.
    All good wishes,


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