The Pistachio Shell

The Pistachio Shell

(An exquisite depiction of a pistachio shell by theWhisperer) 

His fidgety fingers found the groove in the shell
Clamped tight shut by god’s mystery spell
He longed for the sweet nut encased in this shield
To taste the secret heaven he tried to reveal

The more he squeezed and pressed and tried
The harder the shell kept him denied
Annoyed, he threw down the shell and looked away
Then a silent voice came and was heard to say:

“Your force and bluster will not work here
I open neither by blows or threats nor in your fear
If you would taste my secret then with tenderness ask
I will shyly make easy your impossible task”

So he held the secret in his hand and with tenderness began
Kissing the groove with gentle words and no forceful plan
He invited the nut to open her shell
Now not for him to devour but enjoy her spell

Her secret was this, that her sweetness is hidden
Not forced to reveal whenever she is bidden
But with his kindness and thoughtful touch
She taught him and he learnt so much

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