Endangered Species

Endangered Species

There used to exist many in number
But now are they all in deep slumber?
A time ago two got together
It used to be forever after
Discontent deception discord
Why can’t he afford?
Roving eyes need for more
What should I respect her for?
Impatience jealousy anger
Two become strangers

Speaking their minds over dinner
Neither was loser nor winner
The other’s errors they would bear
Gently improving without scare
Sitting in silence sometimes enough
Supporting his team, not too tough
Taking her to shop, not quite a treat
Still spending his time on the high street
Ego bruised, he turns to her for comfort
Loss of confidence, she seeks his support

Perfect love? Perhaps not
Just together not expecting a lot
Will you be one of these rare ones
Thinking of them before your own wants
Seeking happiness from the eyes of another
Will you be a part of the two forever together?

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