The Odd Couple

The following is a series of 3 poems between a heartbroken couple, he who cannot stop hurting her and she who cannot leave him. In their words is the struggle between leaving the one you love and giving him another chance. By theWhisperer and SweetNut (2 wacky wannabe writers)

The Odd Couple
(theWhisperer’s initial poem, beautifully based on nature’s odd couple – the crocodile and the plover bird…)

Dear reader, let me show you something for you to give thanks
Come with me to Egypt and the Nile’s river banks

See the toothy beast, monster to all
Yet friend to a little bird with the sweetest call

The all devouring fiend, without heart or care
Cannot live without the little bird who fears not his glare

He opens his jaws and lets her in close
His tongue and teeth and on his large nose

See the little bird spreads nothing but joy
Cleaning his teeth for its food is its clever ploy

Both benefit from this curious deal
The beast is cleaned of his sin while the bird has a meal

Outsiders don’t know or will never see
The beauty in their love each others devotee

Each has a role and must never stop
Stuck together forever, evolutions joke shop

(SweetNut replies him…)

Mutual benefit once was there
Now not much left to share

The beast cleanses yet continues to sin
The devoted bird is left crying and thin

Trying hardest to fly on a broken wing
He ropes her back keeps her within

Her other wing breaks
She limps over the lakes

He roars sweet nothings, cries for her
Heart bleeds she cannot go far

O mighty one you are self sufficient
Please let me bear not the brunt

Teach me to find my food
I will love you always is understood

(theWhisperer responds … )

If you must go, then go with my love
But I beg you to stay and avoid fates cruel shove

The beast is a beast and does what beasts do
Impulsive hungry and greedily jumping the queue

Your wings are broken your heart is left sore
If you wish to escape then I cannot bar the door

We have much yet to take and much left to give
Being apart from you is no way to live

The beast needs his little bird because she is his home
Even surrounded by others, without her he is alone

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