The Listener

The Listener

Break time
School playground
Peals of laughter, screams
Running, jumping
Somersaults in the sandpit

She lingered around the play area
Dreamy smile on her cherubic face
Gently kissed by short curls
A longing in her eyes
Hesitant desire in her heart

Held back
By blurred emotions
By physical impairment
Yet undeniable

Children self-absorbed
Teachers gossiping, sipping tea
Oblivious of the little girl
At the edge of the playground

Back to class
Resigned to the rest of the day…..


3 0’clock!
Children scramble out
In all directions

The little girl
Sits on a wooden bench
Skinny legs dangling
Weighed down by heavy shoes
A necessity to set right

Picturing the goodies she will eat
Stomach growling slightly

Patiently waiting
Knowing she will be delayed
As always

All at once
Her name is called
She looks up expectantly
An unmistakable smile

She walks as fast as she can
Running, almost
Dragging her over-sized bag

‘Salam my angel
How was your day?’
The little girl recounts
With much enthusiasm
How she skipped, ran, jumped…..

A sad, knowing smile from mum
A warm life-giving embrace
Finally she belongs

A surge of confidence

To be the queen of the house
Heartily laugh without reservations
Throw some tantrums even

For a few hours

Before she returns
To take her place
As the Observer
The Listener…

(This was my first poem. I dedicate it to my two angels. One inspired me to start writing and the other is the subject of this poem)

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