More Than Words

(feel the beat
walk the talk)

More Than Words

Words resound through the world

Like honey melting on warm toast
Like an arrow to the mind
Released with perfect aim
Like a tickle into a smile
Memories of them days
A fire burning in the heart
When your beloved needs to part

Let the words not stagnate
Lose momentum nor forget

With the roar of a tidal wave
Or the pond’s gentle ripple
As the cracks remind us
When the earth shook
Reach within yourself
Be the change

3 thoughts on “More Than Words

  1. Greetings,
    Perfect! This is lovely…be the change.
    There is power in the word. There is, therefore, power in your poems :-).
    Thank you!
    All good wishes,


      1. Hi,
        As you can tell, I am very much enjoying all your poems and your entire blog. Your writing is truly very excellent.
        All good wishes,


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